Temporary Advancement Costs

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Temporary Advancement Costs. In cases where the Agent makes a Temporary Advancement, the amount calculated as the amount of Temporary Advancement, multiplied by (i) the Funding Rate, and (ii) the actual number of days of the Temporary Advancement Period. "Temporary Advancement Period" means the period commencing on the date that a Temporary Advancement is made and ending on the date that such Temporary Advancement is cleared, and the "Funding Rate" means the interest rate that the Agent reasonably determines as the... interest rate to fund the amount of Temporary Advancement through the Temporary Advancement Period. The calculation method for such Temporary Advancement Costs shall be on a per diem basis, inclusive of first day and exclusive of last day, assuming that there are 365 days per year, wherein divisions shall be done at the end of the calculation, and fractions less than one yen shall be rounded down. View More
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