Temporary Disability

Example Definitions of "Temporary Disability"
Temporary Disability. A disability other than a Permanent Disability.
Temporary Disability. Means a temporary mental or physical disability (as determined by either of Mrs. Malone or a physician selected by Diller and reasonably satisfactory to Malone, Mrs. Malone or a personal representative designated by Malone) preventing Malone from (i) voting Covered Shares or taking action by written consent with respect to Covered Shares on any Excluded Matter (including, for the avoidance of doubt, executing and delivering a Removal Consent or otherwise voting the Covered Shares in respect of... any proposed removal of any Series B Directors), or (ii) engaging reasonably with Diller in discussions regarding the composition of the Expedia Board, in any case where such mental or physical disability occurs during the period of 30 days prior to any meeting of stockholders of Expedia or, with respect to any meeting of stockholders of Expedia at which the election of directors is to take place, between the date the Splitco Board has made an Expedia Board Voting Determination or Splitco Director Determination and the date of the upcoming meeting of the Expedia stockholders to which such Expedia Board Voting Determination or Splitco Board Determination relates. View More
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