Tenant Delay

Example Definitions of "Tenant Delay"
Tenant Delay. Any of the following items, in addition to any other items described as a "Tenant Delay" in the Work Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit "D", which results in an actual delay to the Substantial Completion of the Tenant Improvements: (i) Any delay on the part of Tenant to the Design and Construction Timeline attached hereto as Exhibit "D; (ii) Tenant's request for any additional Tenant Improvements beyond that initially contemplated by the plans attached hereto as Exhibit "D"; (iii) changes in... the Tenant Improvements work requested by Tenant; (iv) any other delay of any kind or nature to the extent caused by Tenant or its agents. In the event Substantial Completion of the Tenant Improvements is actually delayed as a result of one or more Tenant Delay(s), then the Commencement Date shall be April 1, 2005. View More
Tenant Delay. The number of days Substantial Completion is delayed as a result of (i) Tenant's failure to meet any dates established in the Lease or this Exhibit, (ii) any changes to the Finish Work requested to be made by Tenant (and approved by Landlord), (iii) Tenant's failure to sufficiently respond to any of Landlord's inquiries or demands, (iv) any breach by Tenant of its obligations under the Lease, including without limitation, the failure to comply with this Exhibit, and (v) any other delay or... delays caused by Tenant or Tenant's engineers, architects, consultants, employees, agents, contractors and subcontractors. View More
Tenant Delay. Any delay in the performance of Landlord's Work to the extent that such delay is: (i) caused by Tenant's failure to timely comply with the Time Line for Tenant Design and Construction set forth in Schedule B-1; or (ii) due to special work (i.e., long-lead items of which Landlord or Contractor advises Tenant in writing at the time that Landlord approves Tenant's plans); or (iii) due to changes, alterations or additions required or made by Tenant in the layout or finish of the Replacement... Premises or any part thereof as reflected in the Initial Plan and Budget or after Landlord approves the Landlord's Work Plans; or (iv) caused by delay and/or default on the part of Tenant or its contractors including, without limitation, the utility companies and other entities furnishing communications, data processing or other service or equipment; or (v) caused by Tenant or any representative of Tenant in taking any action, or in failing to take any action which Tenant is required to take (including, without limitation, failing to timely respond within the time periods set forth in this Exhibit or unreasonably withholding any approval required of Tenant under this Exhibit). If no time period is specified in Schedule B-1 9 or elsewhere in this Exhibit for any action which must be taken by Tenant in connection with the approval of the Plans or the performance of the Tenant Work, Tenant shall be required to take such action within five (5) business days after Tenant receives a written request to take such action. If Landlord has complied, as appropriate, with its obligations under Sections 4 and 5 of this Exhibit and Tenant fails to give Landlord a written and unconditional authorization to proceed with the Landlord's Work on or before the date such approval is required hereby, then each day until the date that Tenant gives Landlord such authorization to proceed shall be deemed to be a day that Landlord is actually delayed as the result of a Tenant Delay. View More
Tenant Delay. Any verifiable act or omission by Tenant, or a Tenant Party that proximately results in a delay hereunder. (as reasonably documented by Landlord).
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