Tenant Delays

Example Definitions of "Tenant Delays"
Tenant Delays. A delay in the completion of the Work as the probable result of (i) any failure by Tenant to approve the Construction Plans when due, (ii) any failure of Tenant to furnish Tenant's electrical, mechanical, and/or structural requirements when due, (iii) any change by Tenant in the Construction Plans as approved by Tenant, or any state of facts which gives rise to a change referred to in the definition of Change Costs or any changes resulting in a Change Cost as directly caused by Tenant, (iv) any... other act or omission of Tenant, or a Tenant Related Party, including any violation of the provisions of the Lease or any delay in giving authorizations or approvals pursuant to this Work Letter, or (v) any other cause except a cause arising directly from a delay by Landlord or a Landlord Related Party. Tenant and Landlord agree to establish a mutually acceptable schedule of due dates for submission of plans and the required approval time frames to be attached to this Exhibit E as Exhibit E-1 as soon as reasonably available. View More
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