Tenant Improvement Allowance

Example Definitions of "Tenant Improvement Allowance"
Tenant Improvement Allowance. The cost allowance provided by Landlord for the construction of the Tenant Improvements as further described in EXHIBIT C.
Tenant Improvement Allowance. Collectively, the Base Improvement Allowance, the Capitalized TI Allowance, and the Amortized TI Allowance.
Tenant Improvement Allowance. Fifty dollars ($50.00) per rentable square foot for a total of Four Hundred Thirteen Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars ($413,700.00). The Tenant Improvement Allowance shall be used to fund (listed in order of payment): Landlord Design Oversight (5% of Construction and Design Costs), Design Fees, Permit Fees, Construction Contingency (5% of Construction Costs), Construction Payment and Performance Bonds, and Construction Costs.
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