Termination Payment

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Termination Payment. An amount of cash equal to five times (a) aggregate Management Fees for the past five completed years of the Term as of the date of termination or such lesser number of completed years as has transpired divided by (b) five or such lesser number of completed years as has transpired; except that if this Agreement terminates in the first year of the Term, the Termination Payment shall equal five times $1,916,250, or $9,581,240
Termination Payment. An amount equal to the greater of one percent (1%) of the equity value of the Company upon written notice to the Executive of such termination or $2,000,000.00, less any gross amounts received and/or realized by the Executive in respect of any Equity Awards that are granted to him during the Term of Employment including, without limitation, any amounts received as a result of cashing out of stock options under Section 6(i)(vi) of this Agreement.
Termination Payment. A payment equal to the then-Principal Balance of the Bond plus accrued interest on the Bond, which is to be made by the Company to the Holder of the Bond to redeem the Bond at the end of the then-current Initial Term or Renewal Term, as applicable, of this Lease, if the Company has given a Non-Renewal Notice to the Issuer and the Holder as provided in Section 5.1 hereof
Termination Payment. The payment referred to in clause 7
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