Termination Time

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Termination Time. Shall mean the earliest to occur of (a) the time that the Required Company Stockholder Vote has been obtained, (b) such time as the Merger Agreement shall be validly terminated pursuant to Article 7 thereof, (c) the Effective Time, (d) the time that any amendment to the Merger Agreement is executed in accordance with Section 8.2 of the Merger Agreement that (i) is effected without the Stockholder's written consent and (ii) decreases the economic benefit of the consideration payable to all... stockholders of the Company pursuant to the terms of the Merger Agreement as of the date hereof and (e) the time that the Company Board effects a Company Change in Recommendation in accordance with Section 5.3(f) or Section 5.3(g) of the Merger Agreement. View More
Termination Time. 11:59 pm (Toronto time) on March 31, 2011
Termination Time. The earliest of the following: (i) the time at which Parent and Company give joint written notice to each of the Stockholders that the Termination Time has occurred; (ii) the Effective Time; and (iii) the time at which the Merger Agreement terminates pursuant to Section 7.01 thereof
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