Termination Under Limited Circumstances

Example Definitions of "Termination Under Limited Circumstances"
Termination Under Limited Circumstances. Shall mean the Participant's termination of employment with Key wherein all of the following events occur: (1) the Participant's employment with Key terminates under circumstances in which the Participant becomes entitled to receive either: (i) a severance payment under the KeyCorp Separation Pay Plan as in effect at the time of the Participant's Employment Termination Date, or (ii) salary continuation benefits under the terms and conditions of an employment separation or letter agreement with... Key, including, without limitation, a Change of Control Agreement; (2) Participant executes and delivers to Key, within 50 calendar days after the termination of Participant's employment, a release of claims in a form provided by Key; and (3) such release of claims becomes effective and irrevocable in accordance with its terms. View More
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