Termination Without Good Cause

Example Definitions of "Termination Without Good Cause"
Termination Without Good Cause. A Termination Without Good Cause shall be deemed to have occurred if, not later than one year after a Change of Control, APP or any successor-in-interest terminates the Executive's employment without 'Cause' as hereafter defined or if the Executive terminates his employment by APP or any successor within six months after (i) a significant diminishment in the nature and scope of the authority, function or duty attached to the position which the Executive currently maintains without the express... written consent of the Executive; (ii) a reduction in the Executive base salary without the express written consent of the Executive; or (iii) the Executive's place of employment is relocated more than 40 miles from APP'S current headquarters in Redwood City, California. For purposes of this paragraph, APP shall have 'Cause' to terminate the Executive's employment if the Executive either (i) continuously fails to substantially perform his duties hereunder; or (ii).intentionally engages in illegal or grossly negligent conduct which is materially injurious to the Company monetarily or otherwise. A termination for Cause shall not take effect unless: (1) the Executive is given written notice by the Company of its intention to terminate him for Cause; (2) the notice specifically identifies the particular act or acts or failure or failures to act which are the basis for such termination; (3) the notice is given within 90 days of the Company's learning of such act or acts or failure or failures to act; and (4) the Executive fails to substantially cure such conduct, within 30 days after the date that such written notice is given to him. View More
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