Terminations of employment

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Terminations of employment. With respect to a Benefit that is not a Grandfathered Benefit under this Plan means Separation from Service with the Corporation or a Subsidiary. A Separation from Service will be deemed to have occurred if the Participant's services with the Corporation or a Subsidiary is reduced to an annual rate that is 20 percent or less of the services rendered, on average, during the immediately preceding three years of employment (or if employed less than three years, such lesser period). Subsidiary for... this subsection means any domestic or foreign corporation at least twenty percent (20%) of whose shares normally entitled to vote in electing directors is owned directly or indirectly by the Corporation or by other Subsidiaries, provided, however, that "at least fifty percent (50%)" shall replace "at least twenty percent (20%)" where there is not a legitimate business criteria for using such lower percentage View More
Terminations of employment. Terminated employment
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