Example Definitions of "Territories"
Territories. Means those jurisdictions set forth on Schedule A attached hereto, and incorporated by reference herein as if set forth in full, in which DWA owns registrations of, or applications to register, one or more of the Licensed Marks as of the Effective Date of this License Agreement, as Schedule A may be amended from time to time in the manner set forth in paragraphs 2(c) and 8(d) below.
Territories. Territory A and Territory B
Territories. Shall mean countries in which there is no patent protection arising from granted or pending patents, or extensions thereof, based on the family of patents originating from the applications WO 1997001357 A1 and WO 1997035994 A3 filed by Bavarian Nordic/GSF.
Territories. The territories set forth on Exhibit A, as amended from time to time upon the mutual agreement of the parties
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