Third Party Agreements

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Third Party Agreements. The Ascent License, the Cima License, the Cima Supply Agreement, and the Lyne Supply Agreement
Third Party Agreements. Means, with respect to a Licensed Mark, any agreements with Third Parties to which the Licensed Marks are subject, including the agreements pursuant to which such Pfizer Licensor (a) is being licensed, sublicensed or granted other rights to the Licensed Marks from a Third Party or (b) is licensing, sublicensing or granting other rights to the Licensed Marks to a Third Party (excluding, in each of the foregoing (a) and (b), the Manufacturing and Supply Agreements). The Third Party Agreements... include the agreements set forth on Schedule 1.1(d). View More
Third Party Agreements. The existing agreements between Novartis or any of its Affiliates on the one hand and Third Parties on the other hand that are identified in Annex 5.
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