Third Party Distributor/User

Example Definitions of "Third Party Distributor/User"
Third Party Distributor/User. Means each third party, excluding Related Distributors/Users, who has an enforceable agreement with Heska for the distribution of Cartridges to Veterinarians and Kits to Central Laboratories or to use Kits in their respective Central Laboratories. Such enforceable agreement shall: (a) include the terms and conditions of this Agreement applicable to such distribution or use, including those set forth in Sections 3.8-3.12 and 5.1, the intent of which is to protect the intellectual property... rights, brand and reputation of Volition; and (b) provide that the rights granted to such third party by Heska are personal and are not further assignable, transferable or delegable and terminates consistent with the terms of this Agreement. View More
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