Third Party Intellectual Property

Example Definitions of "Third Party Intellectual Property"
Third Party Intellectual Property. Any intellectual property right belonging to a Third Party, including any Patent Rights and Know-How, that relates directly to or would be infringed by the use of the ZFP System.
Third Party Intellectual Property. Means (a) all Intellectual Property comprising, incorporated into or used in or in connection with developing, delivering, hosting, distributing, or otherwise providing, any product, service, or other offering of the Company and (b) any other Intellectual Property used or held for use in the conduct of the businesses of the Company, in each case that are owned or controlled by a Person other than the Company.
Third Party Intellectual Property. Any patents, copyrights, software trade secrets, trademarks, service marks, proprietary information and other intellectual property, in any form, that is owned by a third party and is required or useful for the exercise of any rights or licenses in Intellectual Property Rights conveyed or granted pursuant to this Agreement.
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