Third Party Payments

Example Definitions of "Third Party Payments"
Third Party Payments. The meaning assigned to such term in Exhibit E.
Third Party Payments. Any and all cash and non-cash consideration received by VI or VI's Affiliates for the grant of a license or other right attributable to the FSD IP related to the manufacturing, marketing, promotion, distribution, or sale of Products or other method, process or procedure covered by the FSD IP, including but not limited to initial lump-sum payments and milestones. All non-cash consideration will be valued at the fair market value thereof established by agreement of the parties or, failing that,... by a qualified "Big 5" or national independent accountant approved by VI and ASI. VI will bear the cost of such accountant. Third Party Payments shall be included within the definition of Net Sales by VI as of the date such Third Party Payments are actually received by VI for purposes of determining the applicable percentage of Third Party Payments to be paid to ASI under Section 2.3.1 of this Settlement Agreement View More
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