Third Party Reinsurance

Example Definitions of "Third Party Reinsurance"
Third Party Reinsurance. Shall mean all reinsurance coverage of risks under the Covered Policies to which the Company is a party at the applicable time, other than (i) the reinsurance provided under this Agreement, and (ii) immediately upon Recapture or Commutation, reinsurance which is Recaptured or Commuted pursuant to Section 5(k) of the Master Agreement or in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, including Section 8(a)(v) hereof. For the avoidance of doubt, concurrently with any Specified Policy becoming a... Covered Policy under Section 6(h), 6(i) or 6(j), any third party reinsurance coverage of risks under such Specified Policy shall be included in the term "Third Party Reinsurance", including for purposes of Sections 8(a)(v) and 8(a)(vi). View More
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