Third Party Software

Example Definitions of "Third Party Software"
Third Party Software. Those third party applications provided by RMSS that are set forth in Section 1.4 of Exhibit A.
Third Party Software. Software that is incorporated into or bundled with the Licensed Software but that is not owned by PMI.
Third Party Software. Software owned or licensed by a third party and which may be incorporated within or necessary for the use of the Software
Third Party Software. The software owned by any third party that is licensed or otherwise made available to CHSPSC and used to perform Services now and in the future, including the software listed on Schedule A hereto and software used by third parties as application service providers
Third Party Software. Software developed by third parties and furnished with or included as part of the Unity Products.
Third Party Software. Means software programs, including but not limited to source and object code, owned by any party other than Tandem.
Third Party Software. All Software (excluding Generally Available Software) owned by third parties, that is licensed, offered or provided to customers of the Seller as part of or in conjunction with the Purchased Assets used in the Business
Third Party Software. The term "Third Party Software" means one or more software products owned by a Party other than Nuvo which is either incorporated or embedded in the INVU Platform and which are licensed to Axia by Nuvo pursuant to this Agreement.
Third Party Software. Means third party software components included in the rFactor Technology;
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