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Title Company. Attn: Dan Lorimer Senior Vice President Southwest Commercial Operations Chicago Title Insurance Company 2828 Routh Street Suite 800 Dallas, TX 75201 214-965-1662 -direct 214-965-1627 - fax 214-803-1238 - cell lorimerd@ctt.com
Title Company. Stewart Title Guaranty Company — National Title Services, 401 East Pratt Street, Suite 611, Baltimore, MD 21202. Office Phone: (202) 349-0217.
Title Company. Land Title Company of Alabama, having an address of 600 North 20th Street, Suite 100, Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Title Company. Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company c/o Meridian Title Corporation 202 South Michigan St South Bend, IN 46601 Attn: Mr. Mark Myers Telephone: 574-232-5845 Email: mmeyers@meridiantitle.com
Title Company. Kensington Vanguard National Land Services 2. DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT OF PURCHASE PRICE; INDEPENDENT CONSIDERATION. Within one (1) Business Day of the Effective Date, Buyer shall deposit the Initial Deposit with Escrow Holder, at Escrow Holder's office, by check or by wire transfer, funds in the amount of the Initial Deposit as a deposit on account of the Purchase Price. Immediately upon Escrow Holder's receipt of the Initial Deposit (and, if applicable, the Additional Deposit), Escrow Holder shall... place the same in an interest-bearing account in a federally insured bank reasonably acceptable to Buyer and Seller (any subsequent references herein to the Deposit shall be deemed to include any interest accrued thereon) and shall deliver to Seller written proof and confirmation of such deposit and the name and account number of the bank in which the Deposit was placed. Within one (1) business day after the expiration of the Contingency Period, provided that Buyer has provided an Approval Notice in accordance with Section 4 and that the Agreement has not otherwise been terminated by Buyer in accordance with the terms hereof, Buyer shall deposit the Additional Deposit in immediately available funds with Title Company to further secure Buyer's obligations under this Agreement, which Escrow Holder shall promptly deposit with the Initial Deposit and provide the same documentation to Seller as above required. Upon payment of the Additional Deposit, the term Deposit shall mean the Initial Deposit and the Additional Deposit. At such time as the Additional Deposit has been made by Buyer the entire Deposit shall be nonrefundable except as otherwise specifically provided herein. The Deposit (as and when paid to Escrow Holder) shall be held by Escrow Holder in accordance with this Agreement, and, if applicable, in accordance with Escrow Holder's standard form of escrow agreement which Escrow Holder, Buyer and Seller agree to execute in addition to this Agreement. If the transactions contemplated hereby close as provided herein, the Deposit shall be paid to Seller and shall be credited toward the Purchase Price and Buyer shall pay through escrow to Seller the balance of the Purchase Price net of all prorations and other adjustments provided for in this Agreement. If Buyer, in its sole discretion, timely elects not to purchase the Property, by either affirmatively delivering notice of its intention not to purchase the Property during the Contingency Period or by choosing to forgo delivery of an Approval Notice pursuant to Section 4, Buyer shall have the right to direct Escrow Holder to return the Deposit to Buyer, and no consent on the part of Seller shall be required. If this Agreement is otherwise terminated pursuant to the terms hereof or if the transactions do not close, the Deposit shall be returned to Buyer or delivered to Seller as otherwise specified in this Agreement. View More
Title Company. Chicago Title Insurance Company
Title Company. Means Chicago Title Insurance Company, Two Gateway Center, 19th Floor, 603 Stanwix Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1402, Attention: William J. Weinheimer (Telephone: 412-904-6891; E-mail: weinheimerw@ctt.com).
Title Company. First American Title Insurance Company, located at 2500 N. Buffalo Drive, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
Title Company. Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Title Company. Riverside Abstract, which shall issue the owner’s policy of title insurance required hereunder by and through such agent as it shall select
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