Total Assets

Example Definitions of "Total Assets"
Total Assets. With respect to any Person on any date, (i) an amount equal to the aggregate book value of all assets owned by such Person and its Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis and the proportionate share of assets owned by nonā€consolidated Subsidiaries of such Person, less (ii) (A) amounts owing to such Person or any of its Subsidiaries from any Affiliate thereof, or from officers, employees, partners, members, directors, shareholders or other Persons similarly affiliated with such Person or any... Affiliate thereof, (B) intangible assets (other than Hedging Transactions specifically related to the Purchased Assets and excluding mortgage loan servicing and/or special servicing rights of such Person and its consolidated Subsidiaries) and (C) prepaid taxes and expenses, plus (iii) the amount of any future funding obligations of such Person and its Subsidiaries under any loans or financings (including any construction loans) outstanding as of any date, all on or as of such date and determined in accordance with GAAP. View More
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