Total Compensation

Example Definitions of "Total Compensation"
Total Compensation. With respect to any Offering, the cash compensation paid to a Participating Employee by the Company or a Participating Subsidiary during the Offering for services, including overtime, premium pay, commissions and annual bonus, in each case prior to reduction for pre-tax contributions made to a plan or salary reduction contributions made to a plan excludable from income under Sections 125 or 402(g) of the Code; provided, however, that "Total Compensation" shall not include severance pay, stay-on... bonuses, retirement income, welfare benefits or income derived from stock options, stock appreciation rights or other equity-based compensation View More
Total Compensation. The total compensation payable to a Covered Employee by the Company for a Plan Year, prior to any deferral under the Plan
Total Compensation. Compensation as defined in Section 11.4 of the RSP, but determined without regard to the Code Section 401(a)(17) limitation.
Total Compensation. Your Base Salary, Bonus Amount, equity compensation and all other items of your compensation
Total Compensation. In the aggregate, the Executive's short and long term cash compensation (including Base Salary, bonuses or other cash incentives), short and long term equity compensation such as awarded options, restricted stock and/or performance share units, any other awards or payments authorized by the Compensation Committee of the Board, and Benefits provided as part of employee or Executive Compensation Plans in effect immediately prior to Executive's Notice Date. Executive acknowledges such assignment... and assumption and agrees that the Original Employment Agreement will continue in full force and effect as between Executive and Company View More
Total Compensation. Aggregate of base salary, target bonus opportunity, employee benefits (retirement plan, welfare plans, and fringe benefits), and grant date fair value of equity-based compensation, but excluding for the avoidance of doubt any reductions caused by the failure to achieve performance targets) taken as a whole
Total Compensation. Means (i) base salary, commissions and annual bonus, inclusive of the value of long-term incentive compensation, or what the Firm designates as "total reward"; and (ii) for employees who are Investment Representatives or Financial Advisors of the Global Wealth Management Group, gross compensation, pre-deductions, inclusive of the value of long-term incentive compensation, or what the Firm designates as "total reward."
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