Total Consideration

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Total Consideration. Shall mean the total amount of cash and the fair market value of all other consideration paid or payable including Contingent Consideration by the Successor Company or any other person to the Company or its securityholders in connection with the Change of Control Transaction, including amounts paid or payable in respect of convertible securities, warrants, stock appreciation rights, option or similar rights, whether or not vested and any additional amounts paid by the Successor Company in... connection with this Plan, less (i) transaction fees incurred in the course of the Change of Control Transaction (such as fees related to legal services, accounting services, financial advisory services, investment banking services or other professional services), plus (ii) any debt or other liabilities of the Company that are paid off, satisfied or otherwise assumed by the Successor Company, specifically including, but not limited to, any bank debt or line of credit and accounts payable (excluding any liabilities under this Plan), and less (iii) any taxes payable by the Company (but not those payable by the stockholders) as a result of the Change of Control Transaction. The fair market value of any securities (whether debt or equity) or other property shall be determined as follows: (i) the value of securities that are freely tradable in an established public market will be determined by the method or methods set forth in the applicable contract or contracts concerning the Change of Control Transaction; and (ii) the value of securities that are not freely tradable or have no established public market, and the value of aggregate consideration that consists of other property, shall be the fair market value as determined in good faith by the Board. View More
Total Consideration. Means the sum of the Initial Consideration and the Contingent Consideration.
Total Consideration. The sum of the Initial Consideration and the Contingent Consideration received (but only to the extent actually received) by the Company or the Securityholders in a Merger Transaction
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