Total Current Year Incentive Fees

Example Definitions of "Total Current Year Incentive Fees"
Total Current Year Incentive Fees. An amount, determined promptly following the Latest Incentive Fee Period End after the relevant Determination Date with respect to an Acquired Interest, equal to the sum for all Current Year Incentive Fees for all Incentive Fee Funds whose Incentive Fund Period includes the Determination Date for such Acquired Interest, calculated in accordance with the definition of Current Year Incentive Fees; provided, however, with respect to any Incentive Fee Fund (x) that calculates its Incentive Fees on... a 12 month basis but (y) whose Incentive Fund Year ending prior to the Determination Date is not a full 12-months following the launch of such Incentive Fee Fund, the Current Year Incentive Fees for such Incentive Fee Fund will be doubled for purposes of calculating the Total Current Year Incentive Fees (and the Incentive Fees for such prior Incentive Fund Year will be disregarded). View More
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