Total Debt Service

Example Definitions of "Total Debt Service"
Total Debt Service. With respect to any Determination Date, the sum of (a) the aggregate Scheduled Principal Payment and Note Interest with respect to all Classes of Notes, in each case due on the Payment Date relating to such Determination Date (but excluding any principal payment due on the Anticipated Repayment Date with respect to any Notes), (b)(i) the Property Management Fee, (ii) the Special Servicing Fee, if any, (iii) the Back-Up Fee, and (iv) the Indenture Trustee Fee, each as accrued during the... Collection Period ending on such Determination Date and (c) any net payment due from the Issuers to any Hedge Counterparty under any applicable Hedge Agreements for such Payment Date (other than termination payments due as a result of a default or termination event with respect to any Hedge Counterparty), minus (d) the Post-Closing Properties Adjustment Amount, if applicable. For the avoidance of doubt, Post ARD Additional Interest and Deferred Post ARD Additional Interest will not be included in the calculation of Total Debt Service View More
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