Total Recourse Indebtedness

Example Definitions of "Total Recourse Indebtedness"
Total Recourse Indebtedness. Means, for any period with respect to any Person, without duplication, the Total Indebtedness of such Person during such period for which such Person (or any of its Consolidated Subsidiaries) is directly responsible or liable as obligor or guarantor (excluding (i) convertible debt notes and other Indebtedness not subject to margin calls, (ii) recourse Indebtedness (x) arising by reason of customary recourse carve-outs under a non-recourse instrument, including, but not limited to, fraud,... misappropriation and misapplication, and environmental indemnities, or (y) the maturity date for which (without giving effect to any extensions) matures more than one (1) year from the last day of such period, and (iii) any recourse obligations (including guarantee obligations) of such Person (or any of its Consolidated Subsidiaries) in connection with the issuance of, and obligations under, the securities or related instruments or certificates in a collateralized debt obligation), less the amount of any nonspecific balance sheet reserves maintained in accordance with GAAP. View More
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