Total Return

Example Definitions of "Total Return"
Total Return. For any period since the end of the prior calendar year shall equal the sum of: (i) all Distributions accrued or paid (without duplication) on the Performance Shares outstanding at the end of such period since the beginning of the then-current calendar year plus (ii) the change in aggregate NAV of such Performance Shares since the beginning of such year, before giving effect to (x) changes resulting solely from the proceeds of issuances of Performance Shares, (y) any allocation or accrual to... the Performance Fee and (z) any applicable Stockholder Servicing Fee expenses (including any payments made to the Company for payment of such expenses). For the avoidance of doubt, the calculation of Total Return will (i) include any appreciation or depreciation in the NAV of Performance Shares issued during the then-current calendar year but (ii) exclude the proceeds from the initial issuance of such Performance Shares. View More
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