Total Shareholder Return or TSR

Example Definitions of "Total Shareholder Return or TSR"
Total Shareholder Return or TSR. The compound annualized total shareholder return (appreciation/depreciation in the value of a Share during the Measurement Period plus dividends on a Share for which the Ex-Dividend date occurs during the Measurement Period), expressed as a percentage. The Share price appreciation/depreciation during the Measurement Period shall be based on the average Fair Market Value of a Share for the _____ consecutive trading days ending immediately before the first day of the Measurement Period and the... _____ consecutive trading days ending on the last day of the Measurement Period. Total Shareholder Return shall be calculated assuming that such dividends are reinvested in additional Shares (on an unfunded basis and based on the value of the dividend and the Fair Market Value on the Ex-Dividend date for the dividend). View More
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