Tourism Operating Revenues

Example Definitions of "Tourism Operating Revenues"
Tourism Operating Revenues. Gross Operating Revenues to the extent attributable to the operation of Licensed Spacecraft and all related activities in the Space Tourism Market. For the avoidance of doubt, where a particular Licensed Spacecraft is operated for multiple, substantially concurrent purposes (e.g., where one or more humans are transported into space solely for purposes of consumer tourism and other humans (not including the crew), or animals or equipment, are transported for other purposes (whether or not such... other humans are also for being transported for tourism purposes), that portion of the Gross Operating Revenues that is attributable to the transport of the human(s) solely for tourism purposes will be considered Tourism Operating Revenues, and the balance of such Gross Operating Revenues will not be considered Tourism Operating Revenues. When making any such attributions, due regard shall be taken for any affiliation, association or concerted action indicating that any Gross Operating Revenues nominally designed as being for tourism is in substance attributable in whole or in part to purposes outside the Space Tourism Market View More
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