Track Record

Example Definitions of "Track Record"
Track Record. All information that is not available to the general public related to the investments and performance of the Ares Companies and their affiliated investment managers and the investment vehicles managed by them, including such information as is typically used in the compilation of an investment performance table including, with respect to each such investment and investment entity, to the extent applicable: (i) the name of the company invested in, (ii) the date of an investment, (iii) the dollar... amount invested, the number and type of securities purchased and any other relevant terms of such purchase, (iv) the total dollar amount of proceeds realized, (v) the date of realization, (vi) the amount of any unrealized value, (vii) the multiple of investment cost, (viii) the internal rate of return, and (ix) any other data relevant to the performance of such investments and funds. All Track Record is proprietary, confidential, and is the sole and exclusive property of the Ares Companies. View More
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