Trade Accounts Receivable

Example Definitions of "Trade Accounts Receivable"
Trade Accounts Receivable. That portion of the Company's Accounts which arises from the sale of Inventory or the rendition of services in the ordinary course of the Company's business. Without limiting the foregoing, Trade Accounts Receivable shall include the sale of excess raw material inventory by Company to its customers pursuant to written contractual arrangements between Company and its customers
Trade Accounts Receivable. Shall mean all sums owed to the Corporation or any Subsidiary for services rendered, products, inventory or equipment sold or otherwise owed by unrelated, third party customers as a result of the conduct of the Business. For purposes hereof, Trade Accounts Receivable shall also include sums owed by Affiliates if such sums would otherwise be considered Trade Accounts Receivable, but for the fact that the customer is or was an Affiliate.
Trade Accounts Receivable. With respect to any Person, all rights of such Person to the payment of money directly or indirectly arising out of any sale, lease or other disposition of goods or rendition of services by such Person.
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