Trade Fixtures

Example Definitions of "Trade Fixtures"
Trade Fixtures. All fixtures, equipment and other items of personal property (whether or not attached to the Improvements) which are owned by Tenant or any subtenant, sub-franchisee or other third-party and used in the operation of the business conducted on the Leased Premises.
Trade Fixtures. The term "Trade Fixtures" means (i) Tenant's inventory, furniture, signs, and business equipment, and (ii) anything affixed to the Premises by Tenant at its expense for purposes of trade, manufacture, ornament or domestic use (except replacement of similar work or material originally installed by Landlord) which can be removed without material injury to the Premises unless such thing has, by the manner in which it is affixed, become an integral part of the Premises.
Trade Fixtures. Equipment and furnishings which are used in Guarantor's business or operations which become affixed to the premises (a) at which Guarantor has its chief executive office or any other office, or (b) which are owned or operated by Guarantor.
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