Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

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Trade Secrets and Confidential Information. Information that is not generally known to the public and that is used, developed or obtained by any Company Group Member in connection with its business, including, but not limited to, information, observations and data obtained by the Executive while employed by or providing services to any Company Group Member or any predecessors thereof concerning (A) the business or affairs of the Company Group Members (or such predecessors), (B) products or services, (C) fees, costs and pricing... structures, (D) designs, (E) analyses, (F) drawings, photographs and reports, (G) computer software, including operating systems, applications and program listings, (H) flow charts, manuals and documentation, (I) databases, (J) accounting and business methods, (K) inventions, devices, new developments, methods and processes, whether patentable or unpatentable and whether or not reduced to practice, (L) customers and clients and customer or client lists, (M) other copyrightable works, (N) all production methods, processes, technology and trade secrets, and (O) all similar and related information in whatever form. Trade Secrets and Confidential Information will not include any information that has been published (other than a disclosure by the Executive in breach of this Agreement) in a form generally available to the public prior to the date the Executive proposes to disclose or use such information. Trade Secrets and Confidential Information will not be deemed to have been published merely because individual portions of the information have been separately published, but only if all material features comprising such information have been published in combination. View More
Trade Secrets and Confidential Information. 5.2Trade Secrets and Confidential Information.
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