Trademark Registrations

Example Definitions of "Trademark Registrations"
Trademark Registrations. All registrations for the Trademarks that have been or may hereafter be issued to Grantor in the United States or any state thereof.
Trademark Registrations. All past, present or future federal, state, local and foreign registrations of the Trademarks, all past, present and future applications for any such registrations (and any such registrations thereof upon approval of such applications), together with the right (but not the obligation) to apply for such registrations (and prosecute such applications) in the name of the Assignor or the Agent, and to take any and all actions necessary or appropriate to maintain such registrations in effect and... renew and extend such registrations. View More
Trademark Registrations. All trademark registrations that have been or may hereafter be issued or applied for thereon in the United States and any state thereof and in foreign countries (including, without limitation, the trademark registrations and trademark applications set forth on Schedule 7 annexed hereto)
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