Tranche A Conditions

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Tranche A Conditions. On or prior to August 30, 2019, the following have occurred: (a) Company shall have delivered evidence reasonably satisfactory to Lender that Company has received after August 12, 2019, $2,000,000 of net cash proceeds from the sale and issuance of convertible notes (or similar instrument) issued by the Company with a conversion price of no less than $0.4664 per share, in each case, which were reasonably acceptable to Senior Creditor and Lender; (b) the representations and warranties of the... Company set forth in Section 5 of this Note shall be true and correct in all material respects (without duplication of any materiality set forth therein) as of the date of the Tranche A Loan; (c) no Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing before or after giving effect to the Tranche A Loan; and (d) Company shall deliver to Lender a certificate in form and substance satisfactory to Lender requesting the advance of the Tranche A Loan and certifying that the Tranche A Conditions have been satisfied and will be satisfied as of the date of the advance of the Tranche A Loan. View More
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