Tranche A Maturity Date

Example Definitions of "Tranche A Maturity Date"
Tranche A Maturity Date. Means the earliest to occur of (i) the Scheduled Tranche A Maturity Date (or, if the Scheduled Tranche A Maturity Date is extended pursuant to Section 2.14, the Extended Tranche A Maturity Date), (ii) the date of any voluntary termination or reduction of commitments under the Credit Agreement, or (iii) the date of any voluntary prepayment of any non-revolving Debt of the Guarantor or any Subsidiary (other than the Existing Indenture Debt) in an aggregate outstanding principal amount exceeding... $100,000,000; provided that if such day is not a Business Day, the Tranche A Maturity Date shall be the next succeeding Business Day (excluding any day on which banks are not open for dealings in dollar deposits in the London interbank market); and provided further that any transaction solely among the Guarantor and its Subsidiaries or solely among Subsidiaries shall be disregarded for purposes of clause (iii) above View More
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