Transaction-Related Payment

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Transaction-Related Payment. Any or all of the following: (i) a distribution to, or sale or other disposition by, the Subordinated Creditor of the Escrow Shares in accordance with the terms of the Stock Purchase Agreement and Escrow Agreement to or for the benefit of the Subordinated Creditor (but excluding any exercise of the Put Right with respect to such Escrow Shares); (ii) a payment of any SPA Indemnification Obligation; (iii) a payment of any D&O Indemnification Obligation; (iv) a payment under the Employment... Agreement; (v) the exercise of any Stock Option; (vi) the release of all or any portion of the Indemnification Escrow Amount (as defined in the Stock Purchase Agreement); and (viii) the payment of Earnout Payments pursuant to Section 2.5(s) of the Stock Purchase Agreement. View More
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