Transfer Price

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Transfer Price. The price, stated in United States currency, which is stated on Exhibit A. The Transfer Price shall not change during the Initial Term of the Agreement unless the Parties agree in writing to do so. The Parties will meet to discuss any change in the Transfer Price during the Initial Term, including but not limited to in the event of a significant change in the cost of API, Materials or Components or in the market conditions in the Territory
Transfer Price. Means the total price at which Galectin Therapeutics will sell the Compound to Procaps, which shall be [****] percent ([****]%) of the Sales Price. The Sales Price shall be $[****] for Colombia and can only be changed by mutual agreement. The Transfer Price may be different for each RFN Eligible Country, if any, for which Galectin Therapeutics grants Procaps exclusive distributions rights to the Product pursuant to Section 2.3, as determined by mutual agreement of the Parties. Under no... circumstances will the Transfer Price be less than $[****] in any country. If it is determined that a country(ies) to which Procaps has exclusive distribution rights to the Product will not support a final sales price of $[****], the Parties may mutually decide not to pursue approval in such country(ies). The transfer price for all RFN Eligible Countries will be a maximum of $[****]. View More
Transfer Price. Means the applicable price set forth in Exhibits F-1 and F-2 to be paid by one Party to the other Party for the purchase of a Product.
Transfer Price. The meaning set forth in Section ‎5.1
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