Transition Date

Example Definitions of "Transition Date"
Transition Date. December 31, 1988 for Imo and Incom Participants, December 31, 1989 for Aeroproducts Participants, and April 30, 1989 for Varo Participants.
Transition Date. The earlier of (a) on a Category B Country-by-Category B Country basis, the date on which Vivus and Sanofi agree in writing that the transfer of Regulatory Materials for the Product to Vivus in such country is no longer likely to create an adverse impact on the Regulatory Approval of the Product in such Category B Country, or (b) *** from the Effective Date
Transition Date. The applicable transition date set forth in Exhibit A hereto
Transition Date. The earlier of (i) the third business day after written notice from the Independent Directors to ARG following the filing of the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2016 with the Securities and Exchange Commission and (ii) April 1, 2017.
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