Transition Services

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Transition Services. Seller and Purchaser hereby agree to negotiate in good faith to enter into a transition services agreement as mutually agreed upon by the parties hereto before the Closing, provided however, that nothing in this Section 6.16 shall create a condition to Closing, and the failure of Seller and Purchaser to mutually agree upon a transition services agreement shall not affect the parties obligations to close the transaction contemplated by this Agreement. Purchaser understands and agrees that... Seller's obligation to provide transition services under the transition services agreement shall be limited to the provision of: (i) reasonable office space, (ii) reasonably necessary IT services, and (iii) to the extent permitted by any third party licensor of Seller, access to Seller's accounting, land, production reporting and measurement systems. Seller shall charge Purchaser for such transition services at Seller's cost, and Purchaser shall pay Seller for all such charges. Purchaser and/or Company, as applicable, each agree to provide to Seller transition services and access to Company records as is reasonably necessary to allow Seller to perform all customary accounting and financial reporting activities related to Seller's ownership, control and/or operation of the Company, including monthly, quarterly and year-end financial and tax reporting. Purchaser shall charge Seller for such transition services at Purchaser's cost, and Seller shall pay Purchaser for all such charges. Neither Party shall be obligated to acquire new, additional or different personnel, equipment or resources, or to acquire or establish any separate hardware or software platforms to perform such transition services. The Parties may use Affiliates, contractors, subcontractors, vendors or other third parties to provide some or all of the transition services. Unless otherwise specifically provided in a mutually agreed upon transition services agreement, the transition services will be available only for a period of 180 days after the Effective Date. Purchaser understands and agrees that Seller shall have no obligation to provide transition services to Purchaser to the extent the Company Employees or the Additional Available Employees that typically provide such services are no longer available to Seller. View More
Transition Services. The rendering of services and provision of medicine, drugs and supplies by the Acquired Entities to Transition Patients
Transition Services. The services set forth on Schedule 1 and any Additional Transition Services agreed pursuant to Section 2.2.2.
Transition Services. Shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 6.
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