TSR Performance Multiplier

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TSR Performance Multiplier. Means, for the Performance Period, the performance multiplier determined pursuant to the chart below based on the Company's Relative TSR Ranking. If the Company achieves a Relative TSR Ranking that falls between the foregoing levels, the Performance Multiplier will be determined by linear interpolation between the applicable levels. Relative TSR Ranking Relative to the S&P Mid Cap 400 for the Performance Period TSR Performance Multiplier At or above the 90th Percentile 175 % At... the 80th Percentile 160 % At the 70th Percentile 140 % At the 60th Percentile 120 % At the 50th Percentile 100 % At the 40th Percentile 80 % At the 30th Percentile 60 % At or Below the 25th Percentile 0 % View More
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