TSR Rank

Example Definitions of "TSR Rank"
TSR Rank. The Company's TSR rank compared to the Company's Peer Group for the Performance Period, as determined pursuant to Section 1
TSR Rank. The Company's rank from one to one plus the total number of companies and indices comprising the Qualified Peer Group for the relevant Determination Month with the Company, each such other company and each such index together ranked from best to worst based on the Total Stockholder Return of the Company, each such other company and each such index for such Determination Month
TSR Rank. Means the ranking of the Company's TSR among the TSRs for the Peer Group members for the Performance Period. TSR Rank is determined by ordering the Peer Group members and the Company from highest to lowest based on TSR for the Performance Period and counting down from the company with the highest TSR (ranked first) to the Company's position on the list. If two companies are ranked equally, the ranking of the next company shall account for the tie, so that if one company is ranked first, and two... companies are tied for second, the next company is ranked fourth. In the event of any ambiguity, the determination of the Committee shall be final and binding. View More
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