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TwoPlus1 IP. The TwoPlus1 intellectual property and all other works of authorship or other material or information relating thereto owned, controlled, developed, licensable, or sublicensable by L A M Y or its affiliates during the Term, including: (a) text, video, visual displays, scripts, literary treatments, characters, character skills and abilities, character biographies and background stories, backgrounds, environments, rules and play patterns, and other elements visible to the user of a game or other... product; (b) all sounds, sound effects, sound tracks, and other elements audible to the user of a game or other product; (c) all methods in which the user interacts with the characters, backgrounds, environments, or other elements of a game or other product; (d) the distinctive and particular elements of design, organization, presentation, "look and feel," layout, user interface, navigation, trade dress, and stylistic convention (including the digital implementations) within a game or other product and the total appearance and impression substantially formed by the combination, coordination and interaction of these elements; (e)source code and object code; (f) any other proprietary elements of a game; (g) client or "app" software that is installed on an end user's mobile device to enable the end user to play a Branded Game; (h) server software and databases; (i) manuals, specifications, user guides, Frequently-Asked-Questions, and other documentation; (j) any other material or information; (k) all derivative works of the TwoPlus1 IP made by or on behalf of L A M Y or its affiliates; (l) all other Upgrades or modifications, improvements, or derivative works to any of the items listed in (a) through (k) including any such Upgrades or modifications, improvements, or derivative works produced hereunder View More
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