UA Quarterly Benchmark

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UA Quarterly Benchmark. Means, with respect to any fiscal quarter, a number of [***] equal to the lesser of: (A) the aggregate number of [***] that would result from [***] over such fiscal quarter, and (B) the greater of (i) [***], and (ii) the number of [***]; provided, however, that solely with respect to the calculation of the [***] for the second fiscal quarter of 2020, the [***] for such quarter shall be calculated solely for the period from and after June 1, 2020 through and including June 30, 2020 (it being... understood that the [***] for the second fiscal quarter of calendar year 2020 will be calculated for the month of June rather than the entire quarter and references to "fiscal quarter" in this definition with respect to the second fiscal quarter of 2020 shall instead be deemed to be references to the month of June) View More
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