UMB Patent Rights

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UMB Patent Rights. Means any future UMB Patent Rights to which Licensor obtains license rights from UMB after exercising the Option granted by UMB to Licensor, including the patent applications listed in Schedule A of the UMB Agreement and Schedule B of this Agreement, as defined in the UMB Agreement, together with: any divisional, continuation, and continuation-in-part (but only to the extent a continuation-in-part contains one or more claims directed to any of the foregoing); any patent issuing from any of the... foregoing; any reissue or reexamination from any of the foregoing, or any other claim arising from a post-grant proceeding of any of the foregoing; all patent applications and patents claiming priority to or issuing from any of the foregoing; and all foreign counterparts or equivalents of any of the foregoing as set forth in the UMB Agreement. View More
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