Example Definitions of "Upgrade"
Upgrade. Means a future version of an Immersion TouchSense/Integrator Solution that satisfies all of the following: (i) Immersion Corporation makes such future version generally available to its customers on a when and if available basis; (ii) includes new major feature or functionality additions to the then-currently shipping Immersion TouchSense/Integrator Solution being upgraded; and (iii) such future version is marketed and licensed by Immersion under the same Immersion TouchSense/Integrator... Solution product name as the version of the Immersion TouchSense/Integrator Solution product being upgraded. View More
Upgrade. An upgrade to the Unity Products [*].
Upgrade. A release of the Supported Software that incorporates additional or improved features, functionality or capability and that Aegis Identity expressly designates as an Upgrade or as a new or separate product which Aegis Identity offers only for an additional fee to its customers generally, including those customers purchasing maintenance
Upgrade. A modification of, addition to, or extension of a game or other product, correction, update, upgrade, patch, enhancement, extension, or new release, whether combined with the original game or product or distributed, marketed, or sold separately or sold under a different title
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