U.S. Beneficiary

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U.S. Beneficiary. A Beneficiary of the Company or an Affiliated Company residing in the United States or otherwise subject to United States' laws, regulations or taxation. For "Incentive Stock Options", the maximum number of Shares which may be optioned and issued is equal to 2,300,000. The Shares optioned and issued under the Plan may be newly issued Shares, treasury Shares or Shares purchased on the open market. Should the Option expire or become unexercisable for any reason without having been exercised in... full, the unsubscribed Shares which were subject thereto shall, unless the Plan shall have been terminated, become available again for future grant under the Plan. Shares withheld by the Company as full or partial payment in connection with the exercise of any Option under the Plan or to satisfy any tax withholding obligations related to the exercise of an Option under the Plan, in each case, will not become available again for future grant under the Plan View More
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