U.S. Trademarks

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U.S. Trademarks. With respect to any Grantor, trademarks, trade names, service marks and any application for the foregoing (including those set forth on Schedule 6) owned by such Grantor and registered in (or in the case of applications, filed with) the United States Patent and Trademark Office (or any successor office performing similar functions) including (i) Copyrights (whether or not registered) embodied in any of the foregoing, (ii) all renewals thereof, (iii) all income, royalties, damages and payments... now and hereafter due or payable under and with respect thereto, including payments under all licenses entered into in connection therewith and damages and payments for past or future infringements or dilutions thereof, (iv) the right to sue for past, present and future infringements and dilutions thereof and (v) the goodwill of such Grantor's business symbolized by the foregoing and connected therewith. View More
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