Useful Life

Example Definitions of "Useful Life"
Useful Life. Means the time period within which API will remain stable after the date of BryoLogyx's release of the relevant lot of API to Neurotrope, which BryoLogyx expects to be at least twenty-four (24) months, with the Parties acknowledging, however, that the Useful Life of API is not known or confirmed as at the Effective Date and thus will not be an applicable requirement as to API in the Initial Order, provided, however, that BryoLogyx will use its commercially diligent efforts, in working with its... contract manufacturer of API, to determine and confirm Useful Life for API, and will promptly communicate such confirmed Useful Life to Neurotrope in writing as soon as it is confirmed to BryoLogyx, and such confirmed Useful Life thereafter will be applicable to determining whether API in an Additional Order is Defective or meets the Applicable Requirements. View More
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