Example Definitions of "User"
User. An individual authorized to use the Licensee Server Software, and the specific Users and number of Users may be changed from time to time upon request of Licensee.
User. An individual passenger who uses a personal electronic device to access the 2Ku Connectivity Services on an Installed A/C.
User. A legal entity or natural person that uses the Software and/or the Hosted Services for online transactions such as viewing, browsing, downloading, uploading, editing and otherwise engaging with the Software or Hosted Services. The term Users may be further defined in an applicable Order Form
User. Any person identified by Customer as a person that is registered and managed by the Service for Customer.
User. Shall mean any individual that shall be granted use of the Touchpoint Solution thereof.
User. Borrowers and Licensee's employees, officers, and directors as well as contractors directly managed and controlled by Licensee. Users specifically exclude all third parties except to the extent expressly included in the foregoing sentence.
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