Value Date

Example Definitions of "Value Date"
Value Date. Means the first Business Day following the date that is [**] days following the date of actual delivery, subject to extension pursuant to Sections 5 and 16.2.
Value Date. The date upon which cleared funds are made available to the Borrower by the Lender pursuant to a Request made in accordance with Clause 3.1. Such date shall be a Business Day as defined herein
Value Date. Means, with respect to any FX Transaction, the Business Day (or where market practice in the relevant foreign exchange market in relation to the two Currencies involved provides for delivery of one Currency on one date which is a Local Banking Day in relation to that Currency but not to the other Currency and for delivery of the other Currency on the next Local Banking Day in relation to that other Currency ("Split Settlement") the two Local Banking Days in accordance with that market practice)... agreed by the parties for delivery of the Currencies to be purchased and sold pursuant to such FX Transaction, and, with respect to any Currency Obligation, the Business Day (or, in the case of Split Settlement, Local Banking Day) upon which the obligation to deliver Currency pursuant to such Currency Obligation is to be performed. View More
Value Date. The date the fair market value of a Share is to be determined.
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