Example Definitions of "Vendor"
Vendor. Means a supplier of Products and Services under a Premier Program Contract.
Vendor. Means Minera Kennecott S.A. de C.V.
Vendor. The meaning set forth on the first page of this Agreement, and is a partially owned direct subsidiary of KEC
Vendor. The company known as FONCIERE PARIS SIIC identified in Clause 2.DESCRIPTION OF THE VENDOR
Vendor. A separate company or other entity with which the Company has contracted for goods or services.
Vendor. The meaning given to it in the preamble
Vendor. Any of the Company's or its Affiliates' material suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants, advisors, representatives or agents that have been involved in any project in which the Company or its Affiliates has at any time within the preceding five years performed any significant development efforts of which the Participant has significant knowledge.
Vendor. Means the manufacturer, distributor, supplier or other seller (whether or not a merchant or dealer) of the Equipment and any sales representative or agent thereof
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